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Bondgenoot by Kompaan
Bondgenoot by Kompaan

Bondgenoot by Kompaan

Bondgenoot by Kompaan

Bondgenoot by Kompaan

Out of stock
Out of stock
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A true ally

A well hopped blond beer made for summer days. Refreshing and hoppy with the aroma of fresh lime. A true ally (bondgenoot) for any summer day!

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Alcohol percentage by volume: 5.2%

Product details

    • Alcohol percentage by volume
      • 5.2%
    • Ingredients
      • Water, malt (pilsener, wheat, and pale ale), hops (Cascade, Magnum, Hallertau, and Blank), yeast
    • Brewed by
      • Kompaan
    • TORP volume
      • 2 liter beer
    • TORP size
      • Weight 2.1kg - Diameter 111mm - Height 269mm
    • Conditions of use
      • Use TORPS only with THE SUB
      • Best when kept chilled at all times. But do not freeze.
      • The Craft TORPS remain fresh and of excellent quality maximum 3 weeks after purchase. Once the TORP has been opened, drink within 15 days. You can check the TORP label for the exact best-by date


Recommendation is to dispose the TORP in an appropriate plastic waste stream. Actual realisation depends on local authorities.


Designed exclusively for THE SUB, TORPS are small beer kegs that help to keep your beer cool, pressured and fresh up to 15 days.

8 glasses per torp

2 litres of premium draught beer

8 glasses per TORP.

Fresh for 15 days


Enjoy for up to 15 days once opened.

Fridge friendly


Pre-cool in any fridge.

Handy design


Easy to change and dispose.

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THE SUB® serves a growing range of Heineken draught beer from all over the world. Find your favourite and enjoy it at the perfect temperature.

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